About Us

4dmanager.com is a free website and simple lottery report site that giving results update combined with local numbers directory(or dream numbers) for Malaysia & Singapore region. The founder was inspiring by older who tried to search their dream presentative number on the book of dream number which caused them difficulty on each single pages, so we tried to collect all these numbers and make them searchable in keywords with a technical way, a cross platform website.

Our website was established in 2011, soon we have improved the website by displaying basic lottery 4d result on west malaysia region and result's historical numbers as user reference. The development of this free site was stopped since 2013 due to insufficient funds and lack of resources, but we decided to continue in 2015, by redesigning the user interface, improve our user experinces, expanded the lottery result update on East Malaysia and Singapore.

Our main goals are displaying latest, clear and all in one for Malaysia and Singapore lottery result reporting, complete the numbers directory or dream number by indexing relative keywords. Here are the supported types of lottery and official operators/outlets:-

  • 1+3D Da Ma Cai - http://www.damacai.com.my/
  • Magnum 4D - http://www.magnum.com.my
  • Sport TOTO 4D, 5D, 6D, Grand Toto, Power Toto, Supreme Toto - http://www.sportstoto.com
  • Singapore 4D - http://www.singaporepools.com.sg
  • Sabah88 3D, 4D, Lotto - http://www.lotto88.com.my
  • Sandakan 4D - http://www.stc4d.com
  • Cash Sweep 4D - http://www.cashsweep.com.my

Licensed Gambling is legal in Singapore and Malaysia for all non-Muslims. 4dmanager.com is only displaying result reporting, numbers history, numbers dictionary and entertainment but we do not provide any gambling services and we are NOT charging any money from all of these free services provided.

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